My name is Bobby, I am an engineer by trade. I wanted a site to host my resume and display things about me as I decided to kill my facebook. I have studied for my B.S.M.E. from TTU.  I am proud 8th generation, Tennessean. You can learn more about my experience by looking at my resume or on my Linked In account.  If you have questions or suggestions please email me. This site is a constant work in progress, I will add and remove content from time to time so check back often. Feel free to critique me, I like it!


Always learning Bobby.


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For any questions, suggestions, or ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me.


bobwwj555 at gmail.com

Yes, the “at” means @

If I don’t reply, don’t give up unless your just spamming. If your a recruiter, you may of not given enough information, like for what company your hiring for whom and where,  it just may be I miss your email in the mix, or just not seen it due to me being busy.


(eigh six five) 202- six six nine six